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Monday, 2 June 2014

Road Rant !!!

Road Rant brought to you by Danica

Roads! That is all we have been stating at for an average of eight hours a day and I am READY TO RANT about them! All of us coming from a non-cyclists background have been officially opened up to shoulder conditions, road rules and cyclist respect. 

SHOULDERS! Oh my do they suck on majority of roads. They look fine for all you car users but to us they are just plain AWFUL! Some roads have absolutely no shoulder so we are stuck biking on the road! You can't bike on gravel as it just kills the arms and bum. Some roads have a shoulder just full of rocks, debris, or Rumble strips.. Again we are stuck biking in the road! Other shoulders on new and improved roads are big and nice... Perfect? I think NOT! They have broken pavement right in the middle of the shoulder as for some reason road crews don't totally repave the whole shoulder! Then we are forced to bike on a small outside old pavement gravel shit place OR new rubble strip/on the main road! GRATES! Don't even get me started on how we have to pay attention and go around them (ask Cate about her experience!). BRIDGES! Have absolutely NO shoulder and grates! Good luck you vehicle folk going around us! 

ROAD RULES! There is not any according to us slow movers. We have no shoulders and no place to bike so watch out as we are going to be in your lane. Take a moment and move over! Slow down! One thing that scares us is you passing in the opposite lane coming against us... A. Your going faster to pass. B. your coming against us in our close lane. C. Most cars do it when it's a DOUBLE YELLOW LINE! Also.. All you vehicle folk DO NOT understand what hills are and what it means to be flat!! So if you don't know.. DO NOT tell us it's flat! And There are no hills! Because as soon as we hit a hill that you didn't recognize we will hate you!! 

CYCLIST RESPECT is something I think cyclist drivers give to cyclists but people who've never biked before just don't get it! Yes please give a happy honk to tell us we are doing great... Because that makes us smile! DONT HONK ANGRY HONKS... If you don't know how to do a happy "beep beep" just wave. Also avoid the "beep beep your doing great" right in MY face... I still jump! (When I jump I usually hit the nasty rumble strip!) we love waving to you so wave to us in your review mirror! 

Thanks for listening to our rant.. Safe driving to all you vehicle folk and safe biking to all you cyclist folk. 

Road with rumble strip and gravel!

The worst shoulder of shitty pavement and narrow! 

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