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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Day 13 & Day 14 Creston to Fernie for Our 2nd Rest Day

Day 13... FRIDAY! Cranbrook to Fernie

(Danica) And our Friday too! Off we set in the morning with the hopes of a hot tub and a rest day! We quickly realized in the morning how we failed on Kelly bike repair... found a little nail that had now killed two tubes. We pedaled out of Cranbrook on what I would say was our easiest riding day... 97km all of flat terrain. Our day became GREAT when we stopped for lunch at a café in a town of 12 ppl (Jarrrey) and got desert to go along with our sandwiches. Our day then became AWESOME when we stopped at the general store in Elko (a town of 153ppl). It was a store with CHAINSAWS! FIREWORKS! BEER! GROCERIES! GAS! Oh my goodness I was in heaven! Our day then somehow developed into an EPIC one when we saw a heard of about 10 Mountain Goats just before the "weather tunnel." Kelly has now seen it all and is satisfied with the trip! Haha or at least that's what she said. They just were hanging at the side of the road eating leaves and chillin'. So amazing to stop and watch, whereas the vehicles just whizzed by not noticing. Then we went through the Weather Tunnel - basically locals say most days the weather is black vs white on the other side. Bizarre but just as sunny for us! We arrived into Fernie and were greeted by the happiest German - Veronika! Yeah she needed a day off and took a taxi ahead of us. We all then had a great evening of eating pizza, drinking (not water, powerade or protein powder) and hot tubbing!

Day 14: Rest Day in Fernie

(Veronika) As we decided last night to go wildwater rafting we all got up super stoked! A quick breakfast for us with egg, hashbrowns and of course Nuttela.
Properly feed we jumped on the rafting bus and they told us we would go up to the Bull River as the Elk is right now too dangerous.
Finally after almost an hour drive we reached our spot where we started. All of us got their wetsuits, wetsocks, lifejacket, helmet and spray jacket. This wetsuit zipper went down all the way underneath our bellybutton, we looked smoking hot! Some of us got sneakers provided by the raft company and after a short safety lesson we jumped in the raftboats. Luckily us girls got the most handsome guide, Paul. You should have seen Cate, she was totally into him and actually we all were.
We had a fun time on the water, Danica and me started out in the back, so nice and relaxing and after lunch we mixed it up, so everyone got a chance to sit in the front.
Today we had to make 2 sacrifices, our Collins girls said goodbye and fell off the boat. I almost fell down as well but luckily my foot grab saved me from falling right in the water. Thanks to Paul and Danica we were all saved, just a little shocked afterwards.
At the end we got out of the boat all happy and wet down to our bathing suits, we helped to carry up the boat and put it on the trailer. But we didn't want to end the day without a picture of us and our cute guide Paul. Thanks Canon Raft Company!
On the bus ride home we felt how exhausting a couple hours in the water are and fell asleep.
But now it's dinner time and afterwards maybe hot tub and pub time :)

And tomorrow finally the last day in BC! First province is almost done!!!!!!

Ha Ha Creek Rd - Cates actually made us all laugh for this photo!

Jarrrey lunch!
After lunch deadness... whoops to many brownies

Finally found someone to build a bridge!

The Most Amazing Store of life in Elko!

Mountain Goats!

Weather Tunnel!
Woot! First Tunnel!
Fernie! Alberta... BC is almost done!
Finally drink time!

Excited for Rafting!

On the School Bus!

Woo... Busing it!

Before the adventure.. suited up!

Going CRRAAZZZZY with Paul!
Pauls pretty face!
Laura and Kelly asleep...

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