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Friday, 16 May 2014

About Us

Kamloops born and raised, you wouldn’t catch me relaxing. I am athletic, energetic and outgoing. I made the goal to bike across Canada before I am 25 at the University of Calgary. I love to volunteer especially for Rotary, go out to our family cabin in the summer and the local ski hill in the winter. I own a cat named Charlie and I hate peanut butter. My favorite sayings are “No worries” and “Stay out of Trees.”

I'm a nurse, originally from Toronto, but I've spent the last five years in Alberta. I'm very excited about this trip!!! I've never taken on anything of this magnitude but am looking forward to the challenge and adventure!! My favourite colour is purple and I love peanut butter. 
"Cliiimmmbbb evvvveryyyyyyy moooounnnntain!!!!!!!!!" (The sound of Music) 
Growing up with two sisters in the sunny Okanagan, the beach,books, biking and (snow)boarding were essential components to our childhoods. Later on, I discovered a passion for playing with chemicals and decided to pursue a degree in Chemistry. You might wonder what a cylinder and I have in common: we are both graduated. This trip is a break from school, and grad gift to me, before commencing graduate studies at the University of Toronto in the fall. I will be riding on Zus, short for zusammen,which in Chemistry terminology means ‘together’ since there is no way I would be biking across the country without these girls.I love nothing better than a good pun, joke or pick-up line. Trust me, I wheel be making them up this entire trip, I hope I haven’t spoke-n too soon.  

The German of the group! My love for Canada came from my year as an exchange student with Danica's family. Since high school I've finished my Hotel Hospitality Apprentice and am looking forward to start something new in September. Being from Bavaria, Oktoberfest is in my back yard and beer is in my blood. I love pizza and rugby however biking is not at the top of the list, yet! We will work on that!

I'm a nurse, originally from Ontario, but have spent the last five years in Alberta. I spent four years at UofC getting my nursing degree and the last year in Saint Paul, Alberta, working. I'm always up for an adventure and I'm really looking forward to this one. My favorite color is green and I love peanut butter.

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