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Friday, 16 May 2014

Final Training Thoughts and Pictures!

Sitting in Vancouver tonight, we just wanted to update everyone on our training week along with some stories and photos!

VERONIKA: I arrived last week Thursday from Munich, Germany and on Friday have assembled my bike and rearranged my low rider just this week so I am all ready to go across the country. On the first bike ride practicing with the clip-in-pedals I fell once what hurt so much I didn't know if I should start crying or laughing, so it was just a weird mix of both. Tuesday on our 80km training ride, I actually died! It was so hard and riding along Barnhartvale Road I had to start a prep talk just with myself because at this point I hated everything that has to do with our biking. But now I am actually pretty pumped of being able to see so much of the country.
And the best part is, I was interviewed by CBC this week. They liked the story of a German coming all the way from Germany for this great adventure.


Laura and I arrived last week in Kamloops to an enthusiastic coach (Danica) and beautiful weather. It was our first time using clip in shoes and it definitely took a bit of practice, especially when attempting to stop, but eventually we got the hang of it (a few falls later). In the end we're glad we had a dry run. It definitely helped with last minute tweaking, especially having trained mostly on stationary bikes. The biggest challenge, apart from some of the up hills, has definitely been our hands. I would recommend to anyone who's thinking of attempting this to get lots of miles on your bike's handle bars to get them at exactly the right angle. We're all a little sore and we're really hoping Laura regains feelings in her fingers soon (at this point we've done everything we can!). We had a great week in Kamloops, a great couple days in Vancouver, but we're definitely looking forward to getting started on Sunday and can't wait to see the country in a whole new way!

Us on our first day!
We might have left early without Laura....... but she found us! (Thanks Cassandra!)
Danica took us on a bike tour of Kamloops, to practice on our bikes.

Just getting used to the clip-ins was a bit of a challenge.

Team Bonding/Trust exercise: Laura's handle bars needed correcting. Great balance!


At least when she isn't moving.....

This is us practicing with our stoves. The rice proved more difficult then anticipated.
We MAY have got rice all over the deck.

Our bikes, FULLY LOADED!
About 80 Ilbs. :/

Our first practice ride with our gear.

This is our McLure Ferry Trip! Our 100km day at about 50km through it.
Then we spent the afternoon in Stanley park recovering from our training.



This is our current team mascot, Max.

Danica, photo bombing.


More adventures in Stanley Park


Finally, working on our bikes in Surrey :D
the handle bars ended up a little crooked.....

but they ended up ok.

We're collecting our remaining team members tonight then heading to Victoria in the morning!
Then we're off on Sunday!
Go Team Awesome!!!

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  1. So excited for you guys! Cheering for you all the way! Also Laura, if you continue to have numb fingers you might need to use wrist braces like I had to during summer landscaping. It may be awkward at first, but once you get used to it you have feeling in your hands again!