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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Rain Night Day 7!

(Danica) we are not fans of Cate tonight! She HAD to say on our morning ride today "well at least it hasn't rained yet" and what does it do... RAIN! I slugged her good for saying it too. It is pooring at our site at Christina Lake. We had a slow afternoon ride... Mabye due to the beer. We bought groceries here when a lady stopped (like everyone does) to get our story. She recommended us to go 10km down the road to a campsite when all of us together said no way too far. She flipped out replying "your going to st.johns and 10km is too far!!" Made us all smile again. We got to our camp site all giggling from over tiredness! Well got to go s'mores are ready on the FIRST CAMP FIRE!! 
Tent teepee and went tents. Thank TL for the tarp!
Collins girls watching the s'mores!!

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