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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 6 & 7 !! One week woot woot!!

(By Cate) Yesterday we set out early to tackle the renowned Anarchist mountain climb. The Wilkinsons piled the panniers of Laura, Kelly and Veronika into their car and met us most of the way up the summit to ease our ride. The ride was slow and long, but we made it up. We posed for a summit selfie and then coasted down to lunch at a pullout along the highway. One thing that kept us going were a series of deer signs which had added features. The first one we noticed had a penis and then there were a series with Rudolph noses. Only bikers going ~15 km/hr would have time to observe such features but we appreciated someone going to that effort. We quickly realized that we were not going to hit our goal of Grand Forks, so we settled for the night in Greenwood which was 40 km out. We were met at the somewhat creepy motel/campground by Dad and Sherri who prepared us a delicious steak and salad dinner! After a bit of socializing and hot showers, our spirits were up and we had an early night. 

This morning we reached another summit with relative ease, Eholt. In the morning we passed a bunch of baby llamas and sheep. Talking to animals on the side of the road provides endless entertainment! There was a race going on from Grand Forks to Kettle  River and back so we cheered many cyclists on as we rode. We really could've used the cheering as we were cold and moving really slow. So slowly that some of the cyclists passed us a second time before we even reached Grand Forks. A highlight was running into Trevor, a friends dad, who stopped to say high quickly before racing to catch up to his peloton (word of the day.) We coasted into GF and had lunch at the Station Pub for a mix of soups and beef dips to warm us up. And of course BEER! 
Our climb out of osoyoos!

Anarchist summit! Great feeling to be at the top.
Cate, Court & Trevor

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  1. Does everybody know Trevor? Great work on all of those summits!