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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Day 11 !! Crawford bay to Creston

I(Veronika) What a good alarm for waking up... Rain drops on the tent, but let's roll over again and sleep the 1,5hrs more until 6.30 am. And as I got up, I was greeted by 2 deers. 
At breakfast we had our first real team talk and after that we were ready to hit the road again. 
Today we went on a beautiful ride along the kootney lake, in my opinion so far the most beautiful ride. However the shoulders of the street weren't there or unrecognizable, luckily there was almost no traffic at all. I wasn't lucky at all to hitch hike, too bad so I went all the way.
Riding along highway number 3a was nice and quiet until it had to start raining... So all of us put on their good looking rainwear (pants, booties, jacket, gloves and for me a cover for my helmet). We never took off the rainwear, not for lunch where a nice lady of a motel offered us to eat in a rondel safe from the rain. And as we hit creston (murderous hill to get up here) we didn't mind wearing it to the local pub. We were like celebs in there, as everyone thought it was crazy enough to bike all across canada, we even got a round of free beer (thank you man without a name). 
Now it's time for bed because we wanna try to hit cranbrook tomorrow, which means a day with over a 100 km.
Leaving camp in Crawford bay
Crawford Bay sign
Kootney Lake

Sketchy lunch location
Veronika making sure we are not lost. 

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