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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Day 16: Lundbreck Falls to Lethbridge. 126 km.

(Cate) We hit the (mostly) flat lands and god they are boring. Today we officially got to a place where we can no longer see any hint of the Rocky Mountains we left behind us. After lunch in Fort MacLeod, a storm was upon us. We had seen it coming all morning. A man at the timmies told is not to worry because the wind would be on our tails. This was true for the first kilometer, and then we made a sharp turn to face a strong head/cross wind for a while. The storm looked more ominous then it was and passed fairly quickly with only a bit of rain. We ran into a sign for Longbottom road and couldn't help but add Neville to it as we are six Harry Potter fans. There is talk of beginning to pass the time by listening to the audiobooks. We arrived in Lethbridge and were greeted warmly by Amanda, Smo and Kevin who came to camp with us for the night. 

(Danica) Lethbridge party!! Amanda, Smo and Kevin went to university with myself, Kelly and Laura... It was the first time I've seen Kelly and Laura jump up and down to hug someone! They cooked us a Greek dinner which was an amazing change up! Oh and lots of wobbly pops!! Cate's friend Jace also came up for the fire. Great night to catch up with our great friends. 

Lundbreck Falls where we began our day. 

Goodbye to the Rockies. 

Biking through the storm. 

A window of good weather in the storm. 

Updating the sign for the times. 

We had a bit of an internal quarrel, but got through it. 

Danica and Laura being classy. 

In her native habitat, ch
opping us firewood.