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Thursday, 12 June 2014


(Kelly) We hate Brandon. I'm sure it's a lovely place full of lovely people but we hate it. We had a great day! Right up until the point we turned off the highway to head into town. First we hit a sign that said another 12km to Brandon, fine we can handle that, but then we hit a detour. This wasn't just your everyday, let's go for a nice stroll kind of detour. This was more of a let's go on all the available gravel roads leading into Brandon THEN hit ALL the pot holls. Fine. That's fine, Brandon, we can handle your bad roads. So we went grocery shopping, but the fun wasn't over yet. We asked around about a campsite and were directed down past  the main town. We kept riding, right back out of town, to a lovely little place, flooded with lots of dirty water. Sooooo we turn right back around, with the google promise of an RV park closer into town. Unfortunately for us, Google was feeling a little naughty, and lead us through mud puddles of sticky mud. We had a couple of three bike pill ups. But don't worry, google then lead us through a small pond of water to help clean our bikes back up. We can take it Brandon, we can take it. Unfortunately the pond wasn't QUITE deep enough to completely clean us off, but our shoes and the bottoms of our panniers got a good soak. Having made it through all this we rolled up to the RV park, which turned out to be a google fiction/nonexistent/ just an empty parking lot with a dumpster. No worries Brandon, we didn't want to sleep in our tents tonight anyway. So we asked a local for help, he was very nice. He directed us back over to a really nice, fairly steep bridge/uphill. We were on a desperate searh for lodging. At this point Brandon was nothing more then a good joke. Danica, trying to power through the pain, yelled nobley "follow me guys!" I ha reservations about following her based on her earlier off roading. She crossed the road into a gravel pit an immidiately fell off her bike. She's ok but Brandon finally broke her too. We rode back down another bridge, basically to the same place we started from, and got the first hotel we could find and are now having all you can eat. It started out with such promise but ended so poorly. I don't think anyone will be coming back. 


  1. Hopefully the Brandon tourism department doesn't read this!

  2. Hi from Emma, Miranda, and Colin! We also hated the detour :) hope the rest of Manitoba treats you well!!