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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Day Two Dozen ~ Regina to where the wind took us (Broadview)

The land of the living sky is the land of the blowing wind today... Oh my was it a blowing. We went 107km before lunch and didn't break a sweat! Absolutely a beautiful sunny day when we left Regina with not a cloud in the sky... Then the clouds started to come around which was so amazing to watch how fast they moved in the wind. We were following their shadows on the road. It was so windy even all the little Slu's had white caps... Like flat puddles had whitecaps! Court and Cate "claimed" to see a moose but we all missed it as we were a bit behind. Shoulders were great and before we knew it we went past our intended destination and landed in Broadview. Population 580ish, but back in the day there used to be 1200 when the train turn around was here. 181km from Regina overall... Yes our second centurion! The camp ground was absolutely shitty with no water or electricity. We went to the bakery which is apparently world famous... We will let you know how good our sandwiches are tomorrow. 

Three events happened on the road today... Laura almost "died" by hitting a HUGE pothole and almost lost a pannier. Cate witnessed this event and said it was nearly disastrous!  I accidentally bumper car-ed Kelly into the rumble strips. Kelly thought it was an aggressive hurl which was unnecessary and painful! Thirdly I was dreaming of beer and ran off the road. Laura thought it was hularious and almost peed her pants! Going in a straight line proved difficult for everyone today! 

I think it's absolutely amazing biking each day. The fact of just seeing the landscape change gives a beautiful perspective on life. We try to bike in a group of six or smaller groups of two or three. All of us are the same pace now as we pedal across the flat land. Laura and I sing a lot out loud but don't know many words whereas Kelly knows them all. Overall everyone enjoys biking and being together! Corner count in this province is now at 79km!

Winnipeg bound!

Yes we found this sign in sask! Amazing life is sometimes. 

Entrance to Broadview! 

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