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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 37: Thunder Bay to Nipigon

Thunder Bay to Nipigon Day 37
We said goodbye to Fred and Penny who cooked an amazing dinner and dessert AND provided a with delicious coffee in the morning. 
We started our day off with a detour as cyclists are not allowed on a portion of the 17 right outside of thunderbay. It was a really nice ride on a quiet road but unfortunately for us it also meant missing the terry fox memorial and the most scenic views of the sleeping giant. 
Side note :
The shoulders that we had been hearing about around Thunder Bay have definitely lived up to their name. They're very narrow, sometimes with gravel on them and definitely a single file ride. Be careful to watch out for two semi trucks coming at once. Most trucks/cars are really good at giving you room but the odd ones aren't. 
Back to our day. 
After stopping for some lunch at a scenic picnic area in Pearl we continued on our day of rolling hills. We spotted a sign for the largest suspension bridge in Canada and just had to make the detour to go see it. Little did we know that it was more hills, gravel roads, around 20km, and you would have to pay to walk on the bridge. But hey, you win some you loose some. 
After crossing that very large high bridge( some of us liked it more than others...The ones not afraid of heights ) we were back off to our intended route. 
Just outside of nipigon we ran into a man biking across Canada for the SECOND time in two years and another boy biking from Montreal to Victoria. 
After a quick chat with the biker gang we made it into nipigon where we stayed at the marina. 20 bucks, right on the river and it had flush toilets and showers! Perfect. 

Cool signs pointing in many directions! 

Freezing Foggy morning!

Terry Fox courage highway 

Biker gang!!


Swans in the lake in Nipigon. 

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