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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 34 Nowhere to Nowhere

 Jack fish lake to Minnowan lake 160k

(Courtney) We all had a great sleep camped next to the no camping sign. The morning started with some bike troubles for Kelly. Her tire had lost a bit air over night so, naturally, she pumped it back up. Unfortunately she broke the tube stem when she pulled off the pump causing Kelly to have a rage (a little roll on the ground while yelling at her bike). Also unfortunately, this little rage broke her helmet brim which then hung down in front of her eyes. It looked hilarious but apparently she couldn't see very well. We fixed the helmet with a bit of tape and when we stopped laughing it turned out the the tire still had enough pressure. The riding to Ignace was pretty easy but it was cold and rainy. When we rolled into town the first thing we saw was a very cute and warm looking burger joint. We were sold. The sandwiches could wait till dinner. On our way out we hit up the only grocery store in town and stocked up on supplies. The plan was to just bike until we got tired and stealth camp wherever that was. Oh! Did you think Kelly's bike troubles were over earlier? Cause they weren't. Her bike kept skipping gears after lunch so we flipped it upside down and tried to figure it out. Kelly, Danica and Laura were had their faces about an inch away from her wheel spinning it around. I was watching them from a few feet away. "Hey I think it's just a tight link" said me (you can call me Eagle Eyes). Sure enough it was. Luckily we had all the tools to fix it pretty quickly. At about the 160k mark we'd had enough. There was a driveway off the highway that lead to someone's property. We decided to go in and ask if we could camp on the lawn. There was no one to ask. The windows of all the cabins were boarded up and there wasn't a car there that looked like it worked. It was pretty run down and quite creepy but it was late and the outhouse had toilet paper. We stayed. 
Kelly's breakdown. 

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