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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 33 Vermillion bay to jack fish lake

After getting my retainer fixed and stopping for a quick Timmy's break we were off to find somewhere along the road to camp. After biking for another 40 km we found a spot where you could launch your boat and that had some picnic tables. There was a big sign that said "absolutely no camping from 9pm-5am" but we chose to ignore that sign and set up camp for the night. 
While doing laundry in the lake I had another fun experience of the day of getting a leech on my toe. Danica was nice enough to get the salt so he didn't stay on too long. 
We happen to meet another biker who was a bit of a nomad and was biking from Edmonton to Halifax to work for the winter in the ship yards. 
After having a healthy dinner of bean and wieners cate Courtney Danica and I played a quick game of crib ( Danica and I won) we were off to bed for a wet night in the tents. 
The lovely welcome to Dryden sign. 
Danica and I putting up our expert tarp. 

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