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Friday, 27 June 2014

Day 38: Nipigon - Tereace Bay 120km

(Veronika) Terrace bay here we come. Too bad the weather didn't seem to appreciate our enthusiasm and sent rain almost the whole day. 
We got like 10m out of the marina campground when Danica had a flat. What a good start of the day! 
After a quick breakfast at Tim hortons we took off in the rain. I gotta tell ya, we were frozen after only a third of today's route. That's when we decided to stop at this random motel in the middle of nowhere, we went in and asked if we (frozen to death) would be allowed to sit inside and have our sandwiches along with hot beverages and soup from the restaurant, the guys only response was " certainly not". So we only had soup and hot choc, I've never experienced a more rude guy in a restaurant. As the day went on we passed lots of construction zones and climbed a couple of hills. There was one which made us all remember bc very well, steep and long - worst thing is the blast channels in the road funnel the wind and make it even harder to climb it up with a bike - but the downhills though, sooo much fun. 
We stopped in Schreiber at a grocery store "costa's" and got our groceries and the people there told us a brigde we just went over earlier today got washed out and the highway 17 will be closed approximately for 7 days - we were so lucky we got through before that.
When we entered terrace bay we were told the one campground is closed but apparently people just camp at the visitor centre. So we did and after a good dinner all us of fell into bed exhausted.

Laura gets her robin's donut

Lake Superior 

See how far we got - sign at the random motel

Fun downhill 

Finally there!! 

Happy bikers

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