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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Day 28 Portage to Winnipeg

(Laura) Today we said goodbye to portage la poopsicle, which in our books is only one step up from Brandon. Leaving this morning, we discovered we were in for a treat... A massive head wind. Court had to go to a bike shop so decided to take off for to Winnipeg early. The group decided that the only way to get through it was to draft, which essentially means following eachother really closely single file. We drafted for hours and when the only thing you've got to stare at go hours in the person in front of you, you go a little nuts. Kelly even named Cates fender and danica struggled for hours to read the word on the back of Veronikas bike. After the cold rain decided to join the party we ducked into Tim's for a warm beverage and some donuts. Back on the road and with a new bum to stare at we finally hit Winnipeg who has bravely decided to name it self 'the heart of the continent. ' after struggling with a selfie someone actually pulled over off the busy road to take a picture of us infront of the Winnipeg sign. Even though the people of Winnipeg were friendly the roads were not. Full of potholes and huge puddles and no bike lanes getting into downtown was less than an ideal situation.  All the girls decided to join Courtney at the Olympia bike shop on portage ace ( the transcanada/hwy 1) and Kelly and I got some new tires  because the treads on ours were worn pretty thin. After changing tires and both sets of brake pads we thanked the guys at the shop, who were super awesome people and said goodbye. ( highly recommend you go to this shop!) Since there was no camping downtown we decided to stay at a hostel/hotel and enjoy a night out in Winnipeg. First stop, the pub! 
Winnipeg !!
Kelly laughing at Laura!
Pub time!
Mega ceaser!

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