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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Day 35 Creepy Spot to Falls

Minnowan Lake to Kakabeka Falls 160km and 12 hours of biking!! 13 if you count the time change. 

Ummmm .... Well .... We biked and biked and biked. We got up early to start biking and then had a fabulous breaky at Upsala!!! We had signs going into Upsala for 80 km so we practiced saying the name for a longggggg time! I think it's "opppsaaaalllla" whereas Laura swears it's "UPsalaaaaa". Most others just wish we stopped saying any form of Upsala. Anyways... Either way by the time we got there we imagined a huge town but nope only 200 ish lived there. One store/gas/restraunt all together so there was no debate as where to go. And all of them in the town were confused as the official time change sign wasn't until after the town but yet they were changed. The time change sign was super cool as it showed all the time changes across the country. There was also a cool watershed sign that said all the water from that point flowed to the Alantic Ocean. Anyways that was all the excitement on the road. Biked along and along and along. Stopped for lunch/dinner in Shabaqua... Yes we debated how to say this too. Just a side note biking for 12 hours wasn't hard just makes the mind go insane. Me and Kelly are officially on a crazy train and everyone else doesn't know it yet but they will soon be on board!! Woot woot! 

We saw a MOOSE! Just hanging out! Then it ran away and for myself I totally have never seen a moose run! Amazing! We then saw it's brother which was not doing so good on the side of the road. Poor guy. 

Kakabeka Falls is pretty... The showers were the best part along with our tents. Stayed up wayyyy past our bed time with retarded giggle fits. First Ontario Provincal park, and they did a good job of it. (Except mabye putting our camping site on the top of a hill) 

Small shoulder of staring at each other's bums. 

Time zone!

History of the route we are on

Watershed sign

Staal Bros are from here!!!

Kakabeka Falls


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  1. Alas the first pronunciation is right, it's named after a much bigger city in Sweden :) Miss you guys SO much!!!!