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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 36: Kakabeka falls to Thunder Bay

(Kelly) So we never made up that 40km! Haha we ended up staying in Kakabeka Falls which was lovely. Then we had a luxurious ride into Thunder Bay, obviously in the rain and cold. One very exciting moment, just heading out of Kakabeka, was when a FREAKING BEAR walked out INTO the road in front of us. We all skidded to a halt and all miraculously unclipped. The bear stared at us for a moment, measuring us up, then decided we weren't worth it and kept walking. It was all very exciting. Then we continued on our way into Thunder Bay, had breakfast, did a couple chores, then headed over to the campsite for a spaghetti extravaganza with Penny and Fred, Danica's family friends from the Shuswap. It was over all a great rest day. 
Kakabeka Falls

The black bear...

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