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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Ontastic Onterrible ?! Reply to Kelly's Post

(Danica) Haha nice try Kelly with the ONTastic joke... Made me smile! 

Two significant things did happen yesterday. One... A biker going west had heard of us! Heard we were the six biker chicks going across the country!! Amazing we are a tiny bit famous... Or just a crazy warning from someone else! Second thing... A lady said to us "oh yah that was on my bucket list, but now I'm too old and it on my fuck it list!" Hahaha!

Oh and in Ontario east wind means coming from the east AGAINST us... Thanks for that!! 

All smiles at a Tim's break in Dryden!! We had a first kind of different detour coming into town... The dentist office for Laura who had her fixed retainer half pop off of her mouth. They took us immediately and were super great!!

Last nights sunset

Dryden !!!

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