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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 40. Finding Winnie.

(Cate) This morning we awoke to sunshine and gorgeous blue skies. Yesterday was our first day on this entire trip where we had sunshine and blue skies all day. So a second day of beautiful weather was well received by the group. Dry tents and dry clothes make for much happier bikers! It was so hot that we took our lunch break on a lake next to the highway. Delicious sandwiches and skinny dipping made for the best lunch break of the trip. We played tag all day with an older cyclist, Bill. He would fall behind when we biked but promptly caught up due to our frequent stops to meet the needs of 6 girls. We arrived in White River mid afternoon, home of Winnie the Pooh! In 1914, a soldier bought a bear cub here on his way to London to train and raised the cub. The bear later ended up at the London Zoo when he was deployed to fight. He named the cub Winnie after his hometown, Winnipeg. The author met the bear at the zoo and the fictional character we all know and love was born. After an ice cream stop, we headed to the popular beach and swam and drank ciders before setting up camp behind the tourist center with 5 other cyclists. Courtney and I got to try out the tandem, recumbent bicycle which a couple we met are riding across the country. They are from Scotland and due to differing cycling abilities decided a tandem bike was the way to go. 

Our lunch spot. 

With Winnie the Pooh. 

Soaking up the sun. 

White River!

Cate trying out the recumbent bicycle. Sure beats the comfort of our bike seats. 

Another stunning sunset. We spend so much time outside and appreciating nature on this trip! 

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  1. Photo's without rain jackets! Very nice. I see from the forecast you are in for Hot & Humid. I didn't know that about Winnie the Pooh, Ha :)