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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Day 41: white river to Lake Superior (old woman's bay)

Day 41: white river to Lake Superior (old woman's bay)

(Danica) 6:30 am got up again. All the other cyclists were up as well. Breaky was our usual (oatmeal bread  hot choc). Kelly is actually a cheery morning friend now but apparently according to her and Laura I was too chipper today. Had to be though because A. It's Friday. B. it was sunny. C. I knew team awesome would go swimming at lunch again! And we did just that... Skinny dipped at the side of the hwy into a cold-ish lake. Got into Wawa around 3:30 where we found the big goose! It's falling apart to be honest but still cool for a photo. Then we found Tim's and thought "wifi and ice-caps" when we found out we had service!! For the last few days only Rogers phones had service and we all were out of luck being with telus. I love not having service to be honest. So after killing a lot of time with old friend Tim we got groceries and moved on down the road to our "totally legal why would you even question that" camp site. Swam in Lake Superior which is f***ing cold. Ok we washed important bits then got out. Dinner was lovely then bed again! 

I was reading the blogs of what the other girls had written an thought I'd add a story in.

On the way to Terrace Bay, Laura and I got a bit board... We started to talk in this harsh old ugly lady accent. We named this lady Ross and made our very own sitcom! She is an old crankie lady who smokes and has nothing good to say. Her husband is Herold and they have kids and the mail man visits and ... Oh. Yaaaah this goes on and on. Kelly got into it with me for season 2 as we climbed the biggest hill. About thirty mins of us climbing a hill making a sitcom out loud in our accents! We took forever to do this hill because of Ross. 

We've been following these every 2km all the way from the boarder. 

Biking with our friends!

Cliff and Susan! Funniest people ever!


Superior lake! First sunset. 

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