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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Day 25: Chasing the unicorn.

(Cate) Broadview to Elkhorn. 126 km. So we have been hearing about a freaking unicyclist that is also cycling across Canada since the get go. As early as Victoria, people have been undermining our adventure by mentioning that this character is crossing our vast country on not two, but one wheel. In Nelson, we were a couple weeks behind. Just across the AB border we found out he'd been delayed a week due to shin splints. We thought biking is a slow method of transportation, but unicycling is about half as fast. When we arrived in Broadview, we found out that he had been there that morning. Therefore, we set out today not only to bike, but to chase the unicorn. Sorry, unicyclist. We stopped for lunch at DQ in Moosomin and enjoyed blizzards ever though the day had been really cold. As we were packing up, Courtney and I spotted him cycling past the restaurant. We rallied the troops to find him, but he had since disappeared in town. As a fellow cyclist, and knowing he was a coffee lover from his blog, we figured he may be at the Tim Hortons. We weren't sure where it was, so we decided to make a phone call. 

Laura: "Hello, do you have a unicyclist at your establishment?.... No this is not a trick question.... Uhh, he probably would leave his unicycle outside... No? Okay, thank you for your help." 

So we had reached a dead end. But we were not giving up. Danica asked in Subway and they'd seen him go up Main Street. We had heard too much about Joseph the unicyclist to miss up the opportunity to talk to him. We found his unicycle outside of The Witch's Brew, a local coffee joint. Suddenly we were all parched and needed to quench our thirst with beverages. We entered the coffee shop, ordered drinks, and then approached Joseph. We chatted for a while over hot drinks and learned about the added difficulties of only having one wheel. We then carried on to Elkford for the night, including crossing the border into our fourth province, Manitoba! In total, there were 105 corners in the number 1 highway through Saskatchewan. No wonder the residents of our prarie provinces struggle to drive in BC! 

Yesterday's prarie sunset. 

Or a bike. 

Hitting 100 corners. 

With Joseph, the unicyclist!


Border selfie. Our feelings about Manitoba. 

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