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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Ontario is Ontastic

(Kelly) So we headed out of Kenora, aiming for Dryden, but the great, noble, and wonderful Ontario (now no longer have to apologize to everyone else in country for being from here now that I'm back :D) decided to give us a relentless headwind so we were shy about 40km today. Still, we've got a spare day in the bank atm so we're not too worried about it quite yet. Camping out on the beautiful Eagle Lake in Vermillion Bay, hoping to make up a couple km tomorrow. We're told it'll be blowing east so keep your fingers crossed. As for me I'm (finally) able to wake up in the mornings without feeling like I haven't slept at all! Danica is very happy with my morning greeting of a smile. Such a nice change from my usually scowl and POSSIBLE return of good morning. I'm not sure if it's the thrill of being a third of the way there or this fantastic province but spirits are high and I'm excited by our progress so far. Go team!!!!!

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