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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Day 17 - Finished the number THREE! Medicine Hat

(Danica) Whoop whoop! We found the sign at the end of the highway saying number three end... Finished baby! Over! Call er a day! Number one here we come :) but not before some drinks at the local place in Medicine Hat. 

Yesterday (day 16) was lethbridge to Bow island. Amanda and I went to timmies so we had coffee to start the day! Leaving lethbridge is very shitty for the cyclist on the highway out. Laura got her first flat and I went a bit crazy. It's so bloody flat and yet a lady told us it doesn't get flat till sask! Yah right lady! Laura and I started singing anything possible... We sang to Courtney and Cate for 10km of made up songs.. Sorry ladies flats got to me. Bow island has the nicest grocery store owner, who let us buy groceries after they closed. 

This morning we woke in the rain due to COURTNEY COLLINS! Ahhhh she just had to say last night "well we haven't had rain when packing up camp." Idiot! Though we were super lucky we had a picnic shelter area and not everything is wet. 

We stopped four or mabye five times to get into town. So unlike us to not stop every 5 ish km to wait or rest or take a photo. It was all flat until Alberta decided to build a bridge... After weeks of telling BC to build a bridge, yelling it actually into the valleys, Alberta made a rise (not quite a hill) over a railway. We took a ugly photo and then continued onto the bar! 

Laura's first flat!

Ugly bridge.

Ceasers, cider and beer! Medicine Hat!

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