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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Day 31. The start of Longtario.

(Cate) Rennie to Kenora. 122 km. We hit the Ontario border by lunch. On the 'Welcome to Manitoba' sign there was graffiti saying Fuck Longtario. We are only 75 km or so into Ontario, but we have just shy of a month scheduled for this province so we will relate very well to the previous traveller. The rolling hills started today which we all agreed is a great change from the prarie flats. There are also real lakes, not just the small sloughs that the praries consider 'bodies of water.' As we rolled into the Kenora welcome center, Danica got a flat tire. Despite getting her tire checked for wear in Winnipeg, it had a patch of threadbare tire so it was off to the bike store for her. While she was fixing her flat, a gentleman rolled up who had biked across Canada a few years beforehand. He came bearing a box of delicious granola bars for us. Only a fellow cyclist would realize how much this gesture would mean as they are a crux of our daily diet. We met up a bit later with Danica to bike to the campground together. I was biking behind Danica when we heard a big pop followed by the intense and fast hissing. signifying rapid release of air. Yes, her brand new tire had picked up a massive screw only minutes after purchase. We decided duct tape would be the best fix to prevent future flats. Teriyaki chicken and beer were consumed as we celebrated 1 MONTH on the road this evening!

Geese families are not this large in BC. 

The initial hwy 1, built in 1932, was part of our detour. 

Queens of the road. 

Province number 5!

Our sentiments will probably relate shortly. 

Home province for Kelly and Laura. 

Made it to Kenora, our first night in ON. 

Beautiful downtown Kenora. Bring on summer weather! 

The massive screw that punctured Danica's tire. No banana for scale. 

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