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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Days 22 and 23

Moose Jaw to Regina 85km

(Courtney) This morning Rebecca treated to a breakfast of eggs and sausage. Her daughters Sophia(4) and Violet(2) gave us some of the best manicures and pedicures we've had so far this trip. The whole family came out to the street to send us off and Craig, Sophia and Violet biked with us for a  few blocks. Thanks again for the hospitality! 
We pedaled off to get a quick photo with Moose Jaws' giant moose before heading downtown to do the tour of the tunnels. Unfortunately we underestimated the ride across Moose Jaw and the tour had already left by the time we got there. A bit disappointing but we still had a nice stroll around downtown and bumped into our 3 biker friends (Miranda, Collin and Emma) who had been on the tour we missed. 
The ride to Regina was pretty uneventful other than another prairie storm. We saw some terrifyingly close lightning and got a touch wet. The city skyline had practically been visible from the moment we left Moose Jaw (ok for 20 km or so) and we were all ready to ditch our bikes after 8 straight days of biking. 
Mine and Cate's second cousin Moe an her husband Todd, who we'd never met, had kindly offered to put us up for our two nights in Regina. She cooked up an awesome dinner and we heard some pretty funny stories about things mom and our aunts and uncles got up to before I was born. 

The honourary members of the biker gang

Us and the moose. 


We woke up well rested after our second sleep indoors in a row. Saskatchewan hospitality has been good to us. Danica, Cate, Kelly and Laura all set off to the bike shop after breakfast for a few minor repairs and check ups. I fixed our broken tent with a travel sewing kit... Hopefully it worked. 
We all met up at the RCMP depot to watch the sergeant majors parade. Sam and Laura's dad Brian both came along. We learned that Clara Hughes would be giving a little talk there when she came in from Moose Jaw so we checked out the museum and the Mountie cadets for a bit while we waited. It was pretty cool to see her talk. We all got high fives on her way in and we walked away with an autographed cycling jersey at the end. 
Afterwards we headed downtown for a couple drinks and some dinner. Rumour had it that there was a bar that all of the Mountie cadets went to. No one at the pub we were at knew of it, but enough questions were asked to earn Cate the nickname 'Mountie Hunter'. Fun rest day overall. 

Kelly participating in a Clara quiz. 

Go Clara go! Also check out the biker tans. 

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